The Storage Box -
Compact, Strong & Secure Storage Within
An Area Which Is Wasted Today!
Now you can finally solve the problem of having limited storage space in your apartment, home, unit or duplex.

The Storage Box provides over-bonnet storage for you to and easily create a secure & tidy place to store your items: garden tools, sporting gear, electrical equipment and more. 

Enjoy less stress and more storage with The Storage Box today!
  •  1: SECURE: Your items are kept safe in The Storage Box; galvanised, powder-coated steel with 3-point lockable door system
  •  2: SPACIOUS: Approximately 2.5 cubic metres of available storage space
  •  3: STRONG: Holds up to 600kg of whatever you can fit inside! 
  •  4: EFFICIENT: The Storage Box makes use of the existing space in your garage which is otherwise being wasted... over the bonnet of your car!
  •  5: ADJUSTABLE: Raise or lower the height of your Storage Box to cater for your vehicle (from 940mm to 1320mm height)
  •  6: FLEXIBLE: You can store almost anything in The Storage Box, including gardening equipment, beach gear, sports equipment, electrical devices & cabling, fishing gear, craft materials, tools...
  •  7: BODY-CORPORATE-FRIENDLY: The Storage Box is freestanding, neutral in colour ("cool grey") and will not interfere with neighbouring vehicles. As a result it is being approved by a growing number of Australian Body Corporates
Install The Storage Box Yourself... Or We Can Help!
The Storage Box has been designed for easy installation. 

With your purchase, you'll receive a step-by-step guide showing you how to put the whole thing together. On average, we have found the average installation takes between 1 to 2 hours.

We've tried to design The Storage Box so you can put it together without the need for complex tools or any particular "handyman" skills.

Of course if you prefer, you can always ask for our help with the install; just nominate this option when you place your order, to take advantage of this service.
The Storage Box delivery
FREE SHIPPING for Sydney Metro Areas!
For a limited time, we're offering FREE shipping to Sydney metro deliveries! In other words, if your delivery address is within the Sydney Metro area (see this handy list of suburbs if you're not sure - thanks Wikipedia!) you will not pay the normal $60 shipping fee.

We strive to ship every order within 2 business days, but will get in touch with you if we foresee any delays.

Not sure if you're within the Sydney metro area? No problem! Just give us a call on 02 8880 0780 for clarification!
The Storage Box isn't just limited to over-bonnet storage... some customers even use it for organising their sheds!
Solve Your Storage Issues Today!
When you have limited storage space available in your apartment, home, unit or duplex, our over-bonnet storage cabinets are the perfect way to create a secure & tidy place to store your items.

With a manufacturer's 5 year warranty (see below), The Storage Box is a strong, sturdy and secure investment which you can even take with you when you relocate!

Remember we're offering FREE shipping within the Sydney Metro area!
5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
The Storage Box ( / has a manufacturer’s warranty on this cabinet for 5 years.
All materials and workmanship are subject to the following conditions:
Acceptance of goods is evidence they were received in good order and condition. Any claims made under warranty must include a copy of the original purchase invoice, the date of purchase and applies only to the original purchaser. This warranty is not transferable.
This warranty does not cover panel damage or deterioration of colour or finish incurred after delivery. Warranty does not apply to locks, broken or lost keys, damaged adjustable feet or legs on this product. This warranty does not apply if a defect occurs as a result of the product being used for a purpose other than that it is designed for, accidental damage, neglect and/or wear and tear. Defective operation caused by, misuse, physical/mechanical abuse, excessive or uneven loading of the Cabinet or inappropriate use of the goods, including attempts at repair without written authorization from supplier are also not covered under this warranty.
The Storage Box reserves the right to inspect all warranty claims prior to any commencement of repairs. All warranty inspections and claims are at the discretion of The Storage Box and they may seek a third party inspection regarding any claim.
Any warranty repairs will be completed, wherever practical and providing the replacement materials and or parts are available, within 20 working days of acceptance of claim. Should the replacement parts and or material not be available for reasons beyond the reasonable control of The Storage Box, we reserve the right to replace product under warranty claim with a product of similar specification design.
This warranty is limited to the replacement cost of the product and no responsibility is accepted for any consequential damages.
The Storage box uses outside third parties for assembly and delivery. Any arrangement with these personal are at the purchasers discretion.
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